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Driving to work

Driving To Work As A Lone Driver

All Next staff are required to register their vehicle and to park in staff car parks, and any additional vehicles they may use on an occasional basis, with the Travel2Next team by using our Travel Registration Form to register or report a change to your method of travel to work. Once your vehicle details have been provided your registration will be added to the ANPR barrier entry system (for sites with security barriers) and the barrier will automatically open as you approach it.

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Do You Need A Disabled Space?

Contact your HR representative to find out about disabled parking for your site

Site Safety

Because the site is so busy, it is really important that you use the designated crossing points.

  • The site operates a 20mph speed limit, all staff and visitors must stick to this speed limit

  • Stop at the zebra crossing when you see someone waiting to cross

  • Never use a mobile phone whilst driving (If spotted you will be reported to your Director)

  • Always follow the correct exit system

  • Clearly indicate and drive with careful consideration when switching lanes whilst entering or leaving site

Live Traffic News

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Personal Journey Planner

Do you want to discover alternative ways to travel to work? You can book a virtual Journey plan with the Travel2Next team using Google Meets.

Not Keen on video calls, not a problem, email Travel2Next and we will be happy to create your personal journey plan for you.


Need To Plan Your Journey?

Get a route map between and two points, including your journey time, calorie burn, step count and carbon saving. It is quick, free, healthy and green. This planner tool can be seen by clicking here

Benefits Of Walking

Walking is a great way of burning calories, which helps maintain a healthy weight, but there are lots of other health benefits too, helping you to achieve a more healthier lifestyle overall

Walking can help:

  • Reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes

  • Reduce high cholesterol and lower blood pressure

  • Increase mobility and flexibility
    Increase joint, muscle and bone strength which helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis

  • Lower the risk of developing certain types of cancer such as colon cancer and lung cancer by staying active

  • Achieve a more toned and supple physique helping you stay healthy for longer

Staying Safe

Walking is a safe activity, however it is always best to be prepared and understand your surroundings. The following tips are designed to help make walking an enjoyable experience with your safety in mind.

  • Look out for other road users, when crossing roads it is easier to hear cars and other motor vehicles, but cyclists are much quieter.

  • Gradually build up your walking stamina. Take it steady at first to help prevent yourself from overdoing it. With regular activity you will quickly see the benefits of walking and notice a vast improvement to your overall fitness.

  • Wear suitable clothing and make sure you are prepared if the weather turns. Be sure to wear bright clothes and reflective clothing if you have to walk at night.

  • Wear suitable shoes as well to prevent blisters etc.

  • Cross roads at suitable crossings, always remembering to look both ways, and try to keep to well lit pathways.

  • Consider finding a walking buddy from your work site by creating a free profile on Commute2Next


Register As A Cyclist

Please use our Travel Registration Form to register or report a change to your method of travel to work. If you register as a cyclist you are eligible to claim the Travel Incentive Voucher which can be redeemed at the Enderby and Gedding Road staff shops.

Safety Reminder

We would like to remind cyclists to be considerate if they use footpaths as part of their cycling journey to or from work. Cycling on footpaths could potentially lead to a fixed penalty notice. We would encourage all cyclists to please read the informative article about cycling and the law by clicking on the image below.

Plan Your Journey

CycleStreets is a handy online tool that allows you to plan your journey by bicycle. Not only does it tell you the best route, it also tells you how many calories you would burn and how hilly the route is. Plan your journey by clicking on the image below.

Cycle Maps

If you would like a cycle map to view online or to print off, please Click Here


Register As A Train User

To register as a train user please use our Travel Registration Form to register or report a change to your method of travel to work.

Live Departure Boards

To view live departures please click here

Calculate Your Fare

To work out how much your train fares would be please use the Season Ticket Calculator


Employees at Next are able to make savings when purchasing a monthly Arriva ticket, to find out more on this great offer please head over to Arriva select your region, choose your ticket and set up a monthly direct debit. Your ticket will be posted to your home address each month.

Employees at Next are able to make savings when purchasing monthly tickets through FirstBus. To take advantage of this offer contact us for a one time pass code then visit FirstBus create a profile and purchase your discounted ticket.

Motorbikes & Mopeds

Eco Driving