E-Bike Loan Scheme

Using the Woods Bus Service

Head Office Woods Bus Service

This post serves as a reminder that to use the Woods Coach services staff need to book a seat on the bus and show their confirmation email booking when boarding the bus.

Seats must be booked the week before needing the seat, for example, if you need to book seats for next week you must book by this Friday at 1.30pm. At this point the booking form will close to allow processing of the confirmation booking emails.

Woods are then sent details of how many passengers are booked onto the service each day, and will provide a coach to cover those bookings. This will sometimes result in no spare spaces being available.

Where possible, Woods will allow a passenger who has not booked a seat, however the passenger will need to provide their full name so that we can make contact to get you booked onto the coach. The drivers will not allow a passenger to board unless a full name is provided.

To view the bus routes available please click here

To make a booking please complete the Bus Booking Form

Please note the Travel2Next site can be accessed on personal devices as well as devices on the Next Network, therefore staff are able to make a booking when not at the workplace (example, on annual leave)

If you have any team members that do not have email access please can you give them a copy of this email.

If you have any questions, please do email travel2next@next.co.uk

E-Bike Shelter

Head Office E-Bike Shelter

The Travel2next team along with the Facilities team have converted the existing cycle shelter located outside the Multi-story car park to an E-Bike Charging area.

The decision arose due to staff working at the Head Office site registering their mode of travel as an employee that uses an E-Bike.

The shelter (which is a secure unit with a Digi-lock coded lock) contains a number of 3 pin power points to charge 12 bicycles at a time.

To use the shelter please contact Travel2Next for access to the Digi-Lock code

** Please note, it is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that their charging power packs are in a good and safe condition before plugging into the power supply **

Clean Air Day

Thursday 16th June

Clean Air Day is happening on 16 June 2022.

We would love to hear what you are doing to support the event.

Click here to make your Pledge

Some idea's for pledges are:

  1. Walk short journeys on Clean Air Day

  2. Walk or cycle to school / work on Clean Air Day

  3. Talk to someone about the harms of air pollution on Clean Air Day

  4. Ask local & national decision makers to make it easier for me to walk on Clean Air Day

  5. Give my car a day off on Clean Air Day

  6. Avoid polluted main roads on Clean Air Day

  7. Work from home (if you can) on Clean Air Day

  8. Join a car club on Clean Air Day

  9. Consider hiring an electric car or electric taxi on Clean Air Day

  10. Switch off my engine on Clean Air Day

  11. Open windows and use extractor fans when cooking or using cleaning products on Clean Air Day

  12. Avoid ordering non-essential, polluting deliveries on Clean Air Day

  13. Avoid using wood burning stoves and open fires on Clean Air Day

  14. Learn more about air pollution on Clean Air Day

NEXT take on Modeshift StarsFor

NEXT take on Modeshift StarsFor to become the first corporate company to achieve accredited Travel Plans for every site in the UK & Ireland

Pictured left to right

James Hardie (Modeshift), Caitlynne Picot (Next Distribution), Sarah McAlinden (Next), Ian Bell (Next), Steven Bentham (Next) and Nick Butler (Modeshift)


The Travel2next team have spent the last two years working with all the Next, Lipsy and Victoria's Secret sites throughout the UK & Ireland to ensure that every store, contact centre, distribution centre, London Office and Head Offices in Leicester achieved an accreditation for each individual Travel Plan.

To achieve accreditation the team had to

  • Carry out a site Travel and Infrastructure Survey

  • Encourage staff to take part in a Travel Survey

  • Promote events to staff (For example - Competitions and National Events)

  • Provide Personal Journey Plans

  • Send Poster Packs to sites to relay useful information to employees

  • Negotiate discounts with bus providers

The engagement with employees saw an increased number of requests to assist with personal journey plans, and an increase in the number of staff entering competitions.

Accreditations are awarded by Modeshift (The UK's leading sustainable travel organisation whose mission is to share best practice in sustainable travel delivery.)

Modeshift offer a Travel Plan platform called StarsFor which is used by Businesses, Education, Residential Developers and Venue hosts. The platform is a simple to use tool which creates an online environment in which to build and grow your Travel Plan.

Currently there are 545 sites that make up Next, Lipsy and Victoria’s Secret in the UK and Ireland.

Over the next 12 months the Travel2Next team plans to apply for Bronze level for the 429 sites currently sitting at Green level, and to upgrade some Bronze sites to Silver level. The team will continue to work with staff offering promotions and surveys to help achieve higher level accreditations.

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Modeshift Advent Tree

Whichever way you roll or stroll join the #ActiveTravelSTARS for a healthy and environmentally friendly festive journey during advent and tell us what you see and tag #TeamModeshift

Winter Wheelers

This December, Love2Ride are conquering the cold and showing that biking is a year-round activity with Winter Wheelers!

What’s Winter Wheelers all about?

With a focus on building cold weather riding skills and, of course, winning prizes, Winter Wheelers aims to get more people than ever before riding in a winter wonderland!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a keen biker or brand new rider, everyone is welcome to take part. You can ride your bike anywhere, any time up until Christmas Day – even a short spin will put you in the running for some amazing prizes!

To sign up visit here

Modeshift Awards

Left to right: Sarah McAlinden – Next, Alison Holland – Brightwayz, Julia Holland – Brightwayz, Caitlynne Picot – Next.Photo taken by Scott Akoz

Next submitted two entries to be considered by Modeshift for the annual National Sustainable & Active Travel conference which this year was held at the Athena Conference Centre in Leicester on the 4th and 5th of November.

Contribution to Sustainable Travel – Organisation

Next was up against Birmingham City Council working with National Express West Midlands and Transport for West Midlands.

Next Redhouse Distribution Centre – Driven by the Annual Travel Survey in 2021 this site was able to identify a need for a Public Transport Service. Caitlynne Picot, Sustainable Travel Coordinator worked with the Firstbus group to adapt an existing route to complement shifts at the distribution site. This has assisted the business to become a more appealing place to work.

Transport for West Midlands – Cycle Hire Scheme. This is the Uk’s first region wide scheme covering 7 local authorities in the West Midlands. 1,500 bikes were installed. Those working or living in the West Midlands are able to hire the bikes through the Beryl Bikes App.

Birmingham City Council & National Express – Nominated for their vision to become the UK’s most sustainable bus company. They aim to make bus travel as green as possible and reduce air pollution.

The winner was Birmingham City Council & National Express

Contribution to Sustainable Travel – Individual

Sarah McAlinden, Next Plc. Sarah works for Next Plc to promote Sustainable and Active travel across their offices, stores and online call centres reaching around 34,000 employees. As well as promoting monthly competitions and producing Bi-Annual Newsletters Sarah also produces the Travel Plans for these areas of the business, which currently stands at 141 plans that have been awarded accreditation. This number is fast growing.

Alberto Zanni, Brighton & Hove Council / Brunswick Primary School. Alberto is a parent of the school who was nominated for coordinating a team of volunteers to staff a school street

Richard Hearne, Founder & Chairperson, PRiDEOUT. Established in 2019, PRiDEOUT is a cycling community for LGBTQIA+ Community. PRiDEOUT aims to make cycling for leisure, sport and transport more accessible to the community

The winner was Alberto Zanni

Next Fosse Park

Travel2Next have been working with Fosse Park and Go Travel Solutions to deliver Sustainable and Active travel options to staff working at the Fosse Park Store.

By offering incentives such as free bus tickets and E-Bike loans to new starters, as well as discounted bus tickets to existing staff, provides through the Getting to Work Scheme offered by Go Travel Solutions.The store has become the first retail store in the UK to achieve a Gold Accredited Travel Plan.

Accreditation’s are awarded by ModeshiftStars which is a scheme that recognises businesses that have shown excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable and active travel.

Phil Saunders of Go Travel Solutions said “As the coordinators of the Getting to Work scheme at Fosse Park, we’re delighted to see Next leading the way in promoting and enabling more sustainable travel among staff.”

Adrian Young, Fosse Park Management Team said “It’s fantastic that our Next store at Fosse Park has achieved a Gold Accredited Travel Plan, and we hope that this achievement encourages more retailers at Fosse Park to embark on their own Travel Plan Journeys.”

Gail Parkes from Modeshift said

“With over 100 Next sites now accredited and Fosse Park being awarded a Gold Modeshift STARS Accreditation this a huge credit to Sarah and her team of Travel Ambassadors who have successfully encouraged staff to increase walking and cycling levels in their daily commute. More staff are converting to hybrid and electric vehicles which is really down to the on-going dedication of Sarah and her team who work hard to change behaviours and achieve their target of getting every site and store accredited by the end on 2022.

Well done to everyone involved you should be really proud of this outstanding achievement.”

Picture Left to right:

Adrian Young (Fosse Management), Kelly Stroud (Next Employee and Travel2Next Ambassador), Sarah McAlinden (Facilities Coordinator – Travel2Next), Gail Parkes (Modeshift) and Phil Saunders (Go Travel Solutions)

Map Your Clutter

Mapping your clutter takes just seconds

All you need to do is:

1. Take a walk in your local area and see if you can spot any clutter – our website has a list of the kind of thing you need to look out for.

(Of course, if you already know where there’s a clutter problem, you can use the map straight away – although we’d always recommend fitting another walk into your day!).

2. Add what you find, with or without a photo, to our super-easy-to-use interactive map.

3. Repeat step 2 if you have more than one.

4. You can also write to your local council about the issues you find too.

I hope you will join us this week. Let’s reclaim our pavements!

Walking Works

Those that work in the below areas are eligible to make walking pledges for a chance to win the £20 High Street Voucher Click here to make your pledge

Buckinghamshire, North Lincolnshire, Surrey, Leicester Highcross, Hampshire,
West Sussex, Hertfordshire, Blackpool, Durham

BetterPoints challenge for Gedding Road employees

Do You Work At Gedding Road?

If yes, you are eligible to take part in the Better Points challenge, please click here to view details of the scheme in full. The scheme will run from 18th March to 21st April. There is still time to join.

In brief:

Download the Betterpoints app from Google Play Store or the App Store

Open the App and go to the ‘Add referral code’ and enter ‘Mynextjourney’ and click submit.

Click on ‘programmes’ from the bottom menu and ‘Join Programme’

Create a team and invite between 4-6 colleagues to work together to reach goals and earn BetterPoints.

Once your team has been created you can monitor your progress to find out if your goals are being achieved.