Commuting by Bicycle is great for your health as it gives you a low impact workout twice a day.

You will get to work awake and ready to start your day, and you will look forward to the journey home instead of dreading being stuck in traffic.

Safety Reminder

We would like to remind cyclists to be considerate if they use footpaths as part of their journey to or from work. Cycling on footpaths could potentially lead to a fixed penalty notice. To read more about cycling on foot paths, please click here

Plan Your Journey

Cyclestreets is a handy online tool that allows you to plan your journey by bicycle. Not only does it tell you the best route, it also tells you how many calories you would burn and how hilly the route is.

Cycle Maps

If you would like to download or print off a cycling map for your area please click here

Cycle Training

Bikeability is offering every adult and child in the UK free cycle confidence courses. To find out more head here

Cycle BUDi

Consider finding a cycling BUDi from your workplace by creating a profile on Commute2Next