Radar Road


The Radar road site will have 200 spaces (On site and a overflow car park across the road from the site) , to be able to use the car park you must clearly display a Radar Road parking permit. The site is shared with other businesses and staff must only park in the spaces for NEXT. If you are found to be in the incorrect area's you will be asked to move your vehicle.

To apply for a permit please fill out the Radar Parking Permit request form.

What Do I do If I have An Accident On The Car Park

Sometimes vehicle accidents can happen when parking on site, if you do have an accident please contact Travel2Next with your vehicle details, the registartion of the vehicle involved in the accident, and where on the car park you was parked. Travel2Next will then put you in touch with the car owner so you can arrange any repairs required

EV Charging

EV units will be installed at the site, staff wishing to use EV units will need to contact Travel2Next to be allocated an EV parking bay.

What you need to do

How to start a charge


What to do if something is wrong?

For HELP If something is wrong, for example, your top up doesn't appear in your balance; your charger fails to start or turns off unexpectedly or our App fails to load:

Disabled Parking

There will be a number of disabled bays available for staff to use on a first come first served basis. When parking in these bays you must clearly display your disabled blue badge

Car Sharing


Staff are able to create a free profile on the Commute2Next site to find someone to share their journey with.

The site is only accessible to NEXT employees and can’t be accessed by the public

Staff will need to input a T2N code to access the site which is C4r5hare


Liftshare is a national website that members of the public can create a free profile on the find someone that they can share their journey with.

If employees use this website they may find staff working at nearby units who live near them and work the same shifts that they could car share with

Cycle Parking

The government have set guidelines that suggests an acceptable cycling to work commuting distance is 5 miles. 

There is a cycle shelter that staff can use. It is recommended that staff bring security chains to secure their cycles to the cycle racks during the day

The Choose How you Move team operated by Leicester and Leicestershire council offer an adult cycle training course which is led by fully trained cycling instructors.

The instructors offer support and expertise to help develop the skills necessary to learn to ride a bike, or build on current cycling skills.

The course takes place at Glenfield County Hall is is free of charge

To book a place or find out more information call 01163057233

If there was enough uptake by staff members the course could take place at Head Office Office

NEXT Bus Service

Staff working at Radar Road are able to benefit from using the free staff bus service that links Gedding Road to the Radar Road site

The private bus service is operated by Ride Tandem.

To use the bus staff will need to download the Ride Tandem App. When prompted enter the route code RADR.

Bookings can be made a week in advance and up to 1 hour before the bus is due to depart on the day of travel

You will need to scan your ticket with the driver when boarding the bus.

You MUST have a valid ticket to board the bus

Please refer to the timetable below

Staff should arrive at their bus stop 5 minutes before the coach is expected and clearly signal for the coach to stop. The coach will display a sign in the window with 'NEXT RADAR' on display.

You will be able to track the coaches location within the ride tandem app. If there are any delays (longer than 5 minutes) you will receive a text message and a push notification to let you know.

If you have any queries about the app or about your booking please call Ride Tandem on 01933812235.

If you do not have a smart phone to download the app, please call ride tandem on 01933812235 to make your bookings for you on your behalf.


Public Bus Services

Staff living in Leicester have the option of using public transport to reach Radar Road.

Option 1 - Departs at Linden Street to Charles Street via the 15 or 16 First bus services, then catching the 158 Arriva Sapphire or 148 Stagecoach bus to Braunstone Way, completing the route with a 9 minute walking journey

Total journey time 1 hour

Option 2 - Walk from Gedding Road to Blanklyn Avenue and catch the 15 or 16 First bus to Station Street. Then catch the Novus Direct for 2 stops and complete the journey using the frequent 14s service.

Total journey time 1 hour 14 minutes

Staff living in Enderby also have the option of using public transport to reach Radar Road.

Novus Fosse from New Lubbesthorpe departing at Centurion Way. Complete the journey using Centrebus 40 Orbital departing at Outwood Close then walking 4 minutes to the Radar site

Total journey time 1 hour 7 minutes



Walking to work is a great way to get and stay healthy, walking for just half an hour a day can alf the risk of a heart attack, reduce type 2 diabetes and increase joint, bone and muscle strength.

There are lots of free apps that employees can use to help plan their walking journey to work including

Footpath App - The app requires the user to draw a line or circle on the map which will then plot out the route

Choose How You Move also offer a journey finder service

Map My Walk offers tools to create a route and to search existing routes 

For those walking to work, you can apply for an Walk2Work pack (which will include items such as  umbrella, pac a mac, information about safety apps etc)by clicking here. 

Safety of our employees is paramount to NEXT and you may find the following apps a useful resource reduce anxiety you may have about walking to and from work

Walksafe - This app includes a map which details crime spots and streets to avoid. You can set a time of arrival, if you don't arrive home on time an alert will be sent to your emergency contact

Life 360 - Allows you to stay in contact with your emergency contact wherever they are. The app provides alerts to let your contact know you have arrived safely

Kitestring - This app lets you add emergency contacts and to add your journeys and arrival times. Your contact his contacted via SMS if you don’t arrive on time

Red Panic Button - This is a widget that allows you to inform your emergency contact where you are so they can find you

One Scream - This app can detect when you scream and will contact your emergency contact

Hollie Guard - This is a generic alarm profile which activates when you shake your phone notifying your contacts of your location

Silent Beacon - The app will send your location to your emergency contact at the push of one button