Head Office Campus

Detailed site plan of the Head Office Campus


Employees working at the Head Office Campus are able to benefit from free parking with over 1,600 parking spaces and has a speed limit of 20mph which applies on all the car parks with the exception of the multi-storey which has a 15 mph limit.

Due to higher volumes of traffic during peak hours (6am to 10am), Row F becomes a one way system with all traffic flowing up towards the nursery. Between 10am and 3pm this road becomes a two lane roadway then from 3pm to 6pm this reverts to a one way system with all traffic leaving site.

Any vehicles parking on Row F should reverse park to make it easier for drivers to exit into queuing traffic during peak hours.

We ask that drivers complete the Travel Registration Form which helps to produce an accurate Travel Plan, but also allows Next to make contact should we spot something wrong with your car (For example a window left open when the weather is wet and miserable, or your handbrake being left off accidently)

We ask that staff take care when parking, ensuring to park within the allocated bays. Please do not park on hatched areas, pavements or block cars in unless directly instructed to do so by a traffic marshall

Where Can I Park

Please refer to the image above

Yellow sections - These areas are for Grades 2,3,4 and 5. Please note levels 2 and 3 are for EV users only

Green - These areas are for employees working in the phase 5 building and disable employees that work within that building

Pink - This area is solely for the use of staff who have children attending the onsite nursery

Grade 1 spaces are located along the front of the Old Building

Directors, Visitors and Disabled spaces are located on the M69 side of the site in front of Phase 1 and Product reception. 

Area's marked with a red line are for the use of those that car share, temporary disabled users and Grade 1 employees.

The EV spaces in front of Phase 1 are for the use of Directors only. 

The remaining EV spaces are located on level 2 and 3 within the Multi-storey. 

What Do I do If I have An Accident On The Car Park

Sometimes vehicle accidents can happen when parking on site, if you do have an accident please contact Travel2Next with your vehicle details, the registartion of the vehicle involved in the accident, and where on the car park you was parked. Travel2Next will then put you in touch with the car owner so you can arrange any repairs required

Motorcycle Parking

There are four areas fitted with railings that motorcyclists can use to park their bikes and chain to the railings. These areas are located

New Starter Spaces

To ease you into your first week at work we have a small number of New Starter spaces located close the the photo studio by the M69 side of the site. These spaces can be used for your first week of employment whilst you familiarise yourself with the campus. After this you will need to park in the main car park

Nursery Parking

Staff that bring children to the Steps Nursery are able to park in the parent and child spaces, these are allocated at the side of the nursery and behind the nursery. Please ensure when parking in this area that you display your nursery parking permit that can be obtained from the nursery reception. When parking in this area please ensure you park within your bays to ensure you and those parked by you can fully open doors to get children in and out of the car

Disabled Parking

There are currently 43 disabled parking bays available throughout the Enderby site. If you require access to a disabled parking bay please get in touch with your HR department to fill out a priority parking form.

We often cone off spaces for staff needing temporary priority parking, please do not move the cones to park as these are needed by staff who are struggling with their mobility

Cycle Parking

There are four secured and covered cycle shelters and one secured uncovered cycle shelter throughout the Enderby site that can hold up to 122 bicycles. To obtain the code to use the shelters please email Travel2Next

Shower Facilities

There are 14 showers in most of the buildings at Head Office.  In addition, there are two banks of lockers (Located in the basement of Phase 2 and the Link corridor of the Old Building) which are key operated. Please contact Travel2Next to request a key. By some showers you will find a small number of coin operated lockers which are used on a first come, first served basis

City Cycles Discount

Next staff are able to get 10% discount when purchasing bicycles or accessories from City Cycles. Please show your Next ID badge when making a purchase

There are two City Cycles store located at


We encourage staff to use the walkways and pathways whilst traveling between the buildings and car parks. Staff will need to use pedestrian crossings, you may face disciplinary action 

Get You Home Scheme

At the Enderby site we offer a get you home scheme for those that travel sustainably to the workplace. 

So, for example, if you car share as a passenger and the driver unexpectantly has to go home, contact Travel2Next who will arrange transport for you to get home when your shift finishes. This maybe another staff member takes you home, or a taxi is provided. For those living outside of the Leicester area, transport to either Leicester, Hinckley or Narborough station will be provided

BetterPoints App

Staff working or living in Leicestershire are able to gain reward points through the Betterpoints app. These points can be converted to high street vouchers. To find out more click here

Image to show a directional map detailing how to get to the Head Office Campus