For some, driving may be the only realistic option to travel to work.


When it comes to parking our sites have a variety of parking information which you will need to know before driving to your work place. Some sites require your vehicle to be registered with an ANPR system, or display a permit whilst on site.

Some sites don't have any parking available.

To find out parking information for your workplace, please click here

Car Sharing

You may find that some of your colleagues live close to you, therefore you may wish to car share. By car sharing you can reduce your commuting costs by sharing fuel costs or taking it in turns to drive

Next have its own bespoke and private Commute2Next website which helps employees find other colleagues to share their journey with. The site is free to use, simply enter the T2N code which is C4r5hare to create your free profile.

Eco Driving

Eco cars are becoming more popular with around 477,000 EV (Electric Vehicles) and 790,000 PHEV (Plug-in hybrid) cars on the roads in the UK

By 2035, all new cars must be fully electric. The government is on target to ban the sale of new fuel powered cars by 2030, and ban the sale of new hybrid cars by 2035

What is an electric vehicle?

Electric cars are battery powered vehicles that run on electricity 100% of the time. These vehicles do not have a combustion engine therefore do not require petrol or diesel to operate.

PHEV cars can be run using 100% electric or switched over to run by petrol or diesel fuel

Great reasons to drive an Eco-Friendly Car

  • Buying an eco-friendly car reduces the need to drill for oil. Drilling (Fracking) has terrible implications on the environment.

  • Hybrids cost less to run and make fewer fuel stops

  • EVs require no fuel stops

  • Eco-Friendly cars can reduce overall emissions produced and released into the environment

  • Modern cars that use renewable energy tend to be more economical than their predecessors

Some of our larger workplaces have EV charging points that are available for staff to use. To find out how you can use these point please email travel2next@next.co.uk