Walking to work is a fantastic way to get and stay healthy, and best of all it's free.

In fact, did you know that by walking half an hour a day you can half the risk of a Heart attack!

Walking to work is a good way to build exercise into your daily routine and a great commuting option. Its a great way to burn calories and helps maintain a healthy weight, but there are lots of other health benefits too, helping you to achieve a more healthier lifestyle overall.

Walking can help

  • Reduce Type 2 Diabetes

  • Reduce high cholesterol and lower blood pressure

  • Increase mobility and flexibility

  • Increase joint, muscle and bone strength which helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis

  • Achieve a more toned and supple physique helping you to stay healthy for longer.

Staying Safe

Walking is a safe activity, however it is always best to be prepared and understand your surrounding. The following tips are designed to help make walking an enjoyable experience with your safety in mind

  • Look out for road users, when crossing roads it is easier to hear cars and other motor vehicles, but cyclists are much quieter

  • Gradually build up your walking stamina. Take it steady at first to prevent yourself from overdoing it. With regular activity you will quickly see the benefits of walking and notice a vast improvement of your overall fitness

  • Wear suitable clothing and make sure you are prepared if the weather turns. Be sure to wear bright colours and reflective clothing if you have to walk at night.

  • Wear suitable shoes to prevent blisters etc

  • Cross roads at suitable crossings, always remembering to look both ways and try to keep to well lit pathways

  • Consider finding a walking BUDi from your workplace by creating a profile on Commute2Next