Can I claim a Travel Incentive Voucher if I use the Woods Service?

Unfortunately staff that use the Woods service for all or part of their journey are not eligible to claim the Travel Incentive Voucher

I have an electric or hybrid car, can I just use the car charging stations?

No, to use the stations you need to be part of a BUDi team. Please contact Travel2next using the online contact form to be entered into a BUDi system.

Charging stations must not be used by those not allocated into a team.

Can I cut through bays when arriving or leaving site?

No, All staff and visitors must follow the correct one way systems when exiting car parks. Please drive towards the nursery from the row you are parked in, travel towards Row F and drive down this row when exiting site.

What happens if I use a handheld mobile device whilst driving?

Traffic Marshals wear bodycams whilst on duty which records traffic that leaving site. If you are observed to be using a handheld mobile phone whilst driving a report will be generated and submitted to your Director.

Can I cross the road anywhere on site?

No, all staff and visitors must use pedestrian crossings when crossing roads on site.

Staff found not to be using pedestrian crossings may face disciplinary action which will result in a loss of bonus payment.

Rows are coned off in the evenings, why is this?

Rows B, C, D, and E are coned off between 3.30 pm and 6 pm to create a safe one way exit route for staff to exit site during peak times.

Why are some pedestrian crossings locked closed during peak hours?

To allow a smooth traffic flow and to avoid congestion where possible on local road networks, the barriers are closed and staff are to use the central barrier located by phase 6 Home. This reduces the number of occasions that traffic has to stop, which in return reduces traffic queues.

I’ve arrived on site, but can’t find parking, what do I do?

In the first instance please look out for the traffic marshal who will assist you to alternative parking areas that are used when all spaces are occupied. If you can’t locate the traffic marshal please call 01162846429 and someone from the travel2next team will endevour to help you.

Can I park in the HR Reserved spaces on Phase 5 car park?

No, these spaces are for blue badges disabled employees

Do I need a parking Permit at Head Office?

Staff parking in General car park spaces need to register their vehicles but do not need to display a permit. Staff parking in the following areas

1 - Electric Charging Bays

2 - Disabled Bays

3 - Nursery Bays

4 - Grade 1 & Director Parking

5 - Car Share Bays

6 - All spaces and car parks at Gedding Road

Why do you need to know how staff travel to work?

Next produce Travel Plans which are live documents that report staff travel modes. It is therefore essential that all staff throughout the entire business let us know how they travel to work. The more information we have the more accurate the reports are. If you haven’t yet registered please complete the online travel registration form.

I work at a store, can I enter the competitions?

Yes, All staff are eligible to enter the competitions.

I require a temporary disabled pass, what do I need to do?

In order to request a parking pass, please complete the relevant form with your line manager. The form is available on the intranet. Please visit on the intranet > Departmental Information > Human Resources > Head Office > Standard Forms

Once completed, please scan a copy and email it to your HeadOffice_HR and cc in your HR Representative

Can I sit and wait for a space on Phase 5 car park?

No, As this car park is a small area that operates a one way system, it becomes dangerous when staff members sit in the lanes of the one way system to wait for a space.

If the car park is full staff must proceed directly to the main car park.