Parking Discounts

Staff working at the following stores are able to benefit from discounted parking rates

029 Londonderry Foyleside Monthly parking pass

030 Redditch  Discounted day rates

081 Southend   Monthly parking pass

087 Ballymena Weekly parking pass

092 Rochdale Riverside ` Discounted day rates if you register with the centre management

108 Surrey Quays   Discounted day rates

118 Reading Oracle Discounted day rates

145 Stirling Weekly fees at the train station

157 Durham High Street   Discounted day rates

235 Romford Liberty Monthly fee 

322 High Wycombe Eden Centre   Discounted rates through the Eden App

351 Grimsby Freshney   Monthly fee

371 Coventry Lower Precinct  Discounted rates through the NCP App

383 Milton Keynes Silbury Arcade  Discounted rates through the Ringo Parking App

388 Reading Beauty & Home   Discounted day rates

390 Plymouth Drake Circus   Discounted day rates

404 Watford Beauty   Discounted day rates

411 Workington   Monthly fee

442 Kilkenny   Discounted day rates

554 Newport IOW   Monthly fee

580 Manchester Airport   Monthly fee

581 Ilford   Monthly fee

593 Portsmouth Cascades   Monthly fee

606 Leicester Highcross   Discounted rates through the Highcross App

746 Enniskillen Discounted rates when presenting staff ID card

833 Maidstone Dukes   Monthly discounted fee

866 West Bromwich   Monthly fee

886 Trowbridge   Monthly fee

925 Hull Outlet  Weekly fee

932 Livingston Outlet   Monthly fee

977 Chelmsford Discounted day rates