Parking Information

Head Office Campus

Employees working at the Head Office Campus benefit from the use of 1988 free parking spaces, which includes areas for General staff parking, Directors and Executives, Grade 1 managers, EV Spaces, Car Share bays, Motorcycle bays, Nursery Bays, Visitor bays and Disabled Bays.

The Head Office Campus has ANPR camera's installed. To be able to access site through the barriers you will need to register to have your registration added to the white list.

To park on site you will need to register your car by completing the Head Office Travel Registration Form

Distribution Centres

Staff working at all of the distribution centres are able to park for free.

To park at distribution sites please fill out the Distribution Centres Travel Registration Form

Online Contact Centres

Phase 5 Enderby - Phase 5 contact centre is situated within the Head Office Campus site. There is a car park at the front of the building that general staff, Managers, car sharers, Motorcycle riders and disabled staff are able to use. Once this car park is full staff should park in the main Head Office Campus car park.

Doncaster - At the Doncaster site there is 376 spaces that general staff, EV users, Visitors bays, Disabled bays and Manager spaces are able to use

Gedding Road - The Gedding Road site has a small car park located to the rear of the building as well as three local car parks that staff are able to use.

The rear car park has spaces for EV users, Disabled employees, VIP space and Managers spaces and a small number of general staff parking bays.

The three local car parks are

  1. Gwendolyn Road

  2. Linden Street - Church Car Park

  3. Linden Street - Opposite side to the car park

To park at the contact centres you will need to register your car by completing the Online Centres Travel registration Form

Retail Stores

Please click on the below links to see what staff parking (if any) is available at your store

Click here to see which stores require you to register and display a parking permit

Click here to see which stores you need to register to be added to ANPR Whitelists

Click here to see which stores offer discounted parking at nearby pay and display car parks

Click here to see if you store offers onsite free parking